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One-Piece Main-to-Lateral CIPP Connection Liner


Pro-Pipe has partnered with LMK® Technologies to offer our customers LMK’s T-Liner®, a one-piece, homogenous main and lateral cured-in-place (CIPP) connection liner. The mainline and lateral sections are formed as a structural cylinder that renews 18” and 360 degrees of the mainline, extending up the lateral pipe as a single, continuous lining.

The T-Liner® with Insignia™ Gasket Sealing Technology is fully compliant with the ASTM F2561 design, engineering and installation requirements. The T-Liner lateral connection rehabilitation is an engineered main-to-lateral CIPP solution that:

  • Fully restores the structural integrity of the pipe
  • Creates a verifiable watertight system using non-leaking, molded compression gasket seals that prevents water from re-entering the pipe
  • Provides a dependable long-term resistance to root intrusion

T-Liner Key Features

An engineered, full-circle structural main-to-lateral solution, the T-Liner lateral connection rehabilitation process connects lateral pipes in one continuous length up to 200’ without cold joints. Liner materials are available in several types of polymer-based, felt-backed textiles to suit specific applications. A variety of resin materials ensures that every customer gets the resin that best fits the particular application.

Features and benefits of T-Liner lateral connection rehabilitation include:

  • Uniform wall thickness of absorbent textile material
  • Compressible liner material for a smooth, tapered transition to the host pipe at the upstream and downstream ends
  • Corrosion-resistant resin system that produces a CIPP fully compliant with ASTM requirements for life of 50+ years
  • Resin migration system that fills pipe cracks and voids, renewing 18” of mainline connection
  • A lateral liner that can be inverted up to 200’ in length
  • Curing process that can be completed in two hours at ambient temperature or in 30 minutes using steam
  • Ability to install in pipe sizes from 6” to 24” in diameter
  • Choice of TEE or WYE configuration
  • Permanent lateral identification indicia for future reference

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