Sewer and Storm Drain System Inspection Company

Before embarking on a major wastewater infrastructure project, a thorough inspection that provides quality data is essential to answer critical project questions. A careful investigation is undertaken to assess the sewer system conditions, make you aware of every inch and angle of your pipe, provide insight for current and future projects, and furnish inspection records to municipalities, natural gas utilities and engineering firms. Accurate data impacts risk analysis comparing the pipe’s condition and the likelihood of failure to consequence of failure, establishing the pipe segment’s overall risk. Accurate data also helps ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Digital Pipe Scanning with Panoramo Technology

With Pro-Pipe’s Panoramo technology, we can capture 100% of the entire pipe’s interior (360 degrees) in less time than conventional CCTV, while providing 6X the digital clarity (high definition). Data is delivered via a virtual 3D reader that enables the viewer to see the pipe’s interior in great detail from any angle — you can pan or tilt anywhere, anytime. The flat-view component of the reader enables the pipe interior to be reviewed in a plan-view layout with the ability to perform accurate measurements.

Digital pipe inspection utilizing the IBAK Panoramo 3D Optoscanner increases the efficiency of CCTV sewer inspection by incorporating the use of two high-resolution digital cameras with 185-degree wide-angle lenses in the front and rear sections of the housing. Parallel-mounted xenon flashlights capable of 360-degree spherical images enable the analysis independent of the field inspection. No other sewer inspection company offers this level of detail through the wide ranges of services Pro-Pipe offers. 

Why Our Customers Choose Pro-Pipe Services

Pro-Pipe offers one of the largest offerings of sewer and storm drain inspection services to address the diverse needs of our customers. All types of sewer pipe and storm drain inspection services are performed utilizing the most advanced technology available. Through the collection of precise data, which is offered via cloud-based technology, our customers get the clearest picture and understanding of their sewer and storm drain system’s condition and health. Pro-Pipe operators are among the most experienced in the industry — we inspect over 6,000 miles of sewer pipeline annually throughout the United States!