Keeping America Safe

Through Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Assessment, Maintenance & Rehabilitation
  • Cross Bore Inspection & Prevention
  • Integrated Data Management
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Cross Bore Prevention & Risk Mitigation for a Safer Tomorrow

Pro-Pipe provides a comprehensive cross bore inspection and prevention program for utility owners — primarily natural gas energy and telecommunication providers — to eliminate the risks presented by new or replacement utility lines that were horizontally drilled through existing wastewater infrastructure. Gas line cross bore conflicts are especially dangerous as they can be easily breached during routine sewer cleaning, potentially resulting in a gas leak, which can lead to explosion and loss of life. We guide our customers through all sewer inspection solutions from development to execution. Our program can be managed through our proprietary portal where data can be directly integrated into a GIS database or made available through file or video format.

Pro-Pipe Offers Proven, Extensive Sewer and Storm Drain Solutions

Pro-Pipe’s NASCCO certified operators are equipped with the latest CCTV sewer inspection and cleaning technologies to safely perform projects ranging from condition assessment of a few miles of a sewer system to capturing an entire system to facilitate complex buried asset management programs. As a collaborative wastewater infrastructure company, Pro-Pipe partners with our customers to determine the approach that will enable us to provide a first-class deliverable for every project, every time.

Big or Small, City or Private Company, We Can Help

As a comprehensive sewer inspection company, we can serve as a one-stop shop for various stakeholders. Our professional pipe services include inspections, cleaning, cross bore inspection and prevention, sewer repairs and GIS data management. This means we can provide guidance for contractors, emergency repair for municipalities and inspections for utility providers and engineers. No matter what it takes to ensure wastewater infrastructure functions properly, we can do it.

A Tech-Savvy Wastewater Inspection Company

Founded in 1992, Pro-Pipe is the trusted leader in sewer line inspection, assessment and rehabilitation, as well as cross bore inspection and prevention. Our specialty, and perhaps the service of greatest value to our customers, is the use of advanced technology to produce the quality data and recommended solutions that drive good planning and program decisions. Our exacting corporate culture ensures that we always work safely to protect our crews as well as the general public. For this reason and more, we have established a reputation as a leading wastewater infrastructure assessment and repair company — and we’re eager to bring our expertise to your next project.

When you work with Pro-Pipe, you get:

Industry-leading cross bore inspection programs

Sewer line assessments utilizing state-of-the-art equipment possessing the most cutting-edge camera and video technology

Data deliverables that help ensure safety, especially for natural gas companies

Assistance with underground infrastructure budget planning utilizing GIS technology

Cloud-based solutions available