Sonar Pipe Inspection

Capture Pipe Data Below the Waterline

Sonar Pipe Inspection Is an Effective Visual Inspection Method

Conventional closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the standard acceptable method of visually inspecting above the waterline inside sewer systems, but it cannot provide visual information on internal pipe conditions below the waterline. Water impurity can obstruct CCTV inspections, while sonar profiling is capable of providing and quantifying dimensional data on the silt level, grease accumulation, pipe deformation, offsets, blockages and more in partially and fully surcharged pipes below the waterline.

Our state-of-the-art sonar profiling system can be used to:

  • Capture accurate, reliable data in submerged and semi-submerged pipelines
  • Assess sewer lines ranging from 18” to 18 feet in diameter
  • Provide a detailed two-dimensional profile of the interior sewer pipe wall
  • Produce composite images of pipe both above and below the waterline in conjunction with CCTV
  • Furnish “real-time” cross-sectional views of the pipe utilizing high-resolution/short-range sonar

What Are the Benefits of Sonar Profiling?

  • Sonar pipe profiling provides data below the sewer waterline, even in submerged assets such as pipes that carry high flow, those that are surcharged, or outfalls and siphons.
  • The pipe’s condition can be safely recorded and monitored while it is in service, providing data on the integrity of the pipeline and its operating characteristics.
  • When a sewer line requires repair or rehabilitation, our sonar pipeline assessment services add an accurate picture of its condition to the bid documents, eliminating costly change-orders.

Sonar Profiling Thoroughly Identifies the Pipe Condition

Skid, float or robotic tractor-mounted sonar units are sent into the pipe to evaluate the condition of its interior surface and to measure any defects as well as the levels of debris and sediment found therein. While the scanner travels through the sewer pipe, recording the distance as it goes, internal sensors monitor the orientation of the unit, allowing the user to accurately identify the exact location of defects and deformities. Pro-Pipe’s expertise makes us the ideal choice for sonar pipe surveillance services.

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