Laser Pipe Profiling

Pro-Pipe Performs Laser Pipe Inspections

Wastewater Infrastructure Laser Profiling Provides Timely, Valuable Data

Pro-Pipe provides laser profiler system services to collect data and create reports that include fault measurements and other information about internal wastewater infrastructure features. To do this, we use a stand-alone, snap-on tool in conjunction with a scanning or closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. The laser tool operates in pipes with diameters ranging from 6” to 120”.

The Laser Profiler measures pipe size, laterals, water levels and other features, allowing us to determine the actual ovality of the pipeline. By performing an automatic analysis of pipe ovality and capacity, the Laser Profiler enables the contractor, municipality or engineer to determine internal pipeline conditions before, during and after rehabilitation.

Laser Sewer Pipe Profiling Is a Proven Inspection Method

The sewer laser profile inspection tool is powered by an internal battery; it has no moving parts and requires no electrical connections. With its high-strength carbon fiber-and-aluminum construction, the profiling tool is durable and reliable.

The laser tool attaches easily to a pipeline camera. This pipeline laser tool projects a ring of laser light onto the internal surface of the pipe and, as the camera moves through the pipe, it keeps the laser image in its field of view.

Laser Profiler software creates a digital profile of the sewer line, which can be used on a TV inspection vehicle or remote computer. The resulting profile can be viewed live or recorded to video (tape, CD or DVD). We provide the data to our clients in the standard format of their choice, including JPEG, BMP and TIFF.

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