About Pro-Pipe

The Trusted Leader in Storm Drain and Sewer Infrastructure

Trust Pro-Pipe for Your Storm Drain and Sewer Infrastructure Needs

Since 1992, Pro-Pipe has been the trusted leader in storm drain and sewer infrastructure inspection, assessment, rehabilitation and cross bore prevention.

Who are we? Pro-Pipe is:

  • Led by highly recognized, customer centric, industry veterans with a passion for safety
  • In charge of one of the nation’s largest, most advanced closed-circuit television (CCTV) and Hydrovac fleet
  • An industry leader in cross bore prevention and inspection, to the gas, fiber optic and telecommunications utility industries, utilizing leading edge technology solutions
  • The most experienced NASSCO PACP/MACP/LACP CCTV operator in the industry
  • Driven by a stringent safety culture to protect staff, crews and the general population
  • Well-capitalized to enable acquisition of equipment at a moment’s notice
  • Passionate about developing our team by providing an extensive in-house training program, including cross-training for all elements of our pipe services
  • Skilled at providing in-house CCTV and vehicle maintenance support at all our branches

Building a Strong and Safe Infrastructure for 30 Years

Pro-Pipe, Inc. (formerly known as Hoffman Southwest Corp.), is a California corporation headquartered in Irvine, California that was established in 1947 and incorporated in 1972. In 1992, Hoffman Southwest created its Professional Pipe Services (“Pro-Pipe”) division that specializes in the inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation of wastewater infrastructure as well as providing services and data solutions for the prevention and inspection of cross bores.

Today, Pro-Pipe is owned by National Underground Group, Inc. In addition to Pro-Pipe, National Underground Group owns and operates Tri-State Utilities, specializing in cured-in-place pipe lining, Accumark and Benchmark, specializing in utility locating and mapping, and Pipe Vision, specializing in the inspection of wastewater infrastructure. National Underground Group has 11 offices in eight states, with the ability to provide both regional and national underground infrastructure services and programs.

Since its beginning, Pro-Pipe has provided video inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation of sewer pipes in a variety of sizes. We have grown to become one of the largest CCTV inspection companies in the nation, and the trusted leader of Utility companies for the identification and prevention of cross bores in lateral sewer lines. Pro-Pipe is focused on the long-term commitment to quality services provided to utility owners, government agencies and municipalities, engineering firms, and infrastructure construction firms.

Striving to Meet Our Goal of an Injury-Free Workplace and Safe Wastewater Infrastructure in our Communities

Pro-Pipe is driven by a strong safety culture with thoroughly planned processes, safety policies and programs to comply with state, federal and OSHA requirements. Our processes include certified personnel training; developing job safety analyses; driver training and fleet management programs; OSHA 10-hour and 40-hour federal courses; Cal/OSHA construction training; and creating and developing safety programs required for Pro-Pipe to establish a safe working environment for employees, the public and all entities where work is performed.

The company takes safety very seriously. We convene quarterly, monthly and daily safety meetings. The quarterly meetings are held at the executive leadership level to review trends, incident claims, incident cause/prevention, and what can be implemented from a policy and procedural process to further improve the safety culture. Senior managers (who comprise our corporate safety committee) meet monthly for planning and implementation of initiatives uncovered during the executive meetings. Each branch gathers monthly and daily for safety meetings. When you work with Pro-Pipe, you can be confident that you are partnering with a company that puts safety first.