Manhole Inspection Services

Part of a Holistic Inspection and Maintenance Program


Manholes are the first point of contact and the most accessible points of the sewer system. This is why inspection of manholes should be a vital aspect of any wastewater infrastructure inspection and maintenance program. To achieve the greatest efficiency and cost-effectiveness, no program should be considered complete until the entire sewer system, including manholes, has been inspected and repaired as necessary.

Purpose and Types of Manhole Inspections

Pro-Pipe provides complete sewer hatch services. This includes inspecting manholes, which are more complex than pipe systems. We do this to evaluate and document various defects. We follow National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) guidelines. NASSCO has developed rules to meet the needs of utility owners as part of the organization’s Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP).

These rules cover two levels of inspection:

  • Level 1 inspection produces basic assessment information regarding the general condition of a manhole.
  • Level 2 inspection collects detailed data that documents all defects, determines the condition of the manhole, and provides sufficient information to recommend remedial actions.

When documenting defects, MACP follows the coding system established in the Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP). The latest version of MACP utilizes a system of pipe grading that identifies manholes by severity of defect, providing information to facilitate system rehabilitation planning and programming.

Panoramo Scanning and Assessment

As part of our manhole inspection services, Pro-Pipe uses an IBAK Panoramo SI, which enables us to perform optical condition assessment of manholes with high efficiency. We use MACP-certified personnel for our manhole inspection inspections to ensure that all standards are met.

Features and benefits of the IBAK Panoramo SI for manhole maintenance include:

  • Use of two high-resolution digital cameras with distortion-free, wide-angle lenses
  • Ability to optically scan the entire interior of a manhole within 20 seconds
  • Visual data of the manhole inspection is transmitted digitally to a TV truck for live viewing by the operator; the data can also be transferred to digital media for future use
  • IBAK Panoramo SI software provides a 360-degree pan, zoom and tilt optical inspection of any section within the manhole for analysis purposes
  • It captures the entire cavity in a virtual 3D reader, which can be reviewed in flat-view for measuring inverts, defects and more
  • Advanced software for manhole inner surface and structural assessment allows exporting of data point clouds to AutoCAD®
  • At completion of the Panoramo SI manhole inspection, we provide our clients with Panoramo SI film files or data loaded onto an external hard drive

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