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Grow Your Career with Pro-Pipe

With millions of Pro-Pipe dollars invested in the top underground infrastructure technologies, we never lose sight of the fact that Pro-Pipe projects are only as successful as the quality of people we hire. That’s why we employ and reward only the best in the industry.

If you are interested in joining the Pro-Pipe team, you should know that our employees are occasionally required to handle emergency work, and therefore you must be open to a flexible work schedule. All candidates must complete a background check and undergo physical/drug screening.

Benefits of working at Pro-Pipe include:

  • Highly competitive compensation
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • 401(k) retirement savings plans
  • Paid vacation time

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Our Core Values

Pro-Pipe’s mission, vision and values form the foundation that guides the way we perform our work and how we conduct ourselves on the job.


To keep entire communities healthy and safe by providing the best services and technologies available for the assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of water flow systems.


To become the nation’s largest provider of water and sewer system inspection, repair and support for residential, commercial and municipal customers.


Safety. My actions save lives. Every decision I make impacts other people and the environment.

Integrity. Doing what’s right will never be wrong. I share our company’s zero tolerance for unethical behavior.

Ownership. My ideas and actions can shift the company’s direction. Every day, I find new ways to improve the company.

Teamwork. I’m not the only one with great ideas. I learn from others and together we find mutual success.

Relentless Commitment. Industry leadership starts with me. I strive for excellence in the work I do every day.

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