Sewer Pipeline Inspection and Locating

Promoting Sewer and Natural Gas Line Safety

Helping Gas Utilities Stay Safe and Solvent

Are you a utility owner or contractor? Pro-Pipe understands that utilities strive to ensure safety for the community’s residents and its contractors. We are here to help you achieve that very important goal with sewer pipeline inspection and locating services for the natural gas industry. 

Protecting Communities from Disaster

Keeping homeowners, businesses and visitors to the community safe is vital for gas utilities. Explosions due to cross bores can cause property damage, injury and even death. As a leading sewer pipeline inspection and locating  company, Pro-Pipe helps prevent this type of disaster before it occurs through industry leading cross bore inspections and utility locating programs.

We help gas utility owners eliminate the risk that results when a gas line is inadvertently drilled and installed through an existing pipeline, typically a sewer lateral or sewer main. This presents a scenario where the gas line could be cut or otherwise breached during routine plumbing maintenance conducted within the sewer line. The result can be natural gas entering the sewer system, creating extreme risk for an explosion. 

A Leader in Inspections

We offer a complete inspection, quality control, and data record management process to provide the assurance you need that your pipelines are free of cross bores. Our inspections are comprehensive, beginning with an examination of the sewer main from the manhole, moving through each connection and up the lateral to the foundation of the structure. When required, we can gain approval for private property access to complete inspections when the full access to the lateral sewer line is not possible from the sewer main.

By recording the locations of your sewer mainlines and laterals, Pro-Pipe’s thorough examination provides the data gas utility owners need to effectively maintain their assets and help prevent cross bores.


Make Pro-Pipe your partner in safety.