Cross Bore Inspection

Utility Owners Throughout the Nation Rely on Pro-Pipe


Pro-Pipe offers one of the nation’s leading cross bore programs for utility owners. In addition to complete sewer pipe inspections — including looking for gas line cross bores that could result in costly damages or fatal explosions —  our comprehensive data collection can mitigate risk by providing backup records in the event of a disaster. All records are maintained via cloud data management software that is accessible at any time, from any place.

With our comprehensive cross bore inspection and utility asset locating expertise for horizontal directional drilling contractors, utilities of all types can avoid drilling into existing sewer lines. We conduct risk assessments of regions and recommend where we believe it is best to perform inspections where recent underground drilling has occurred.

Addressing Risks with Our Safety Approach

Cross bores occur when the installation of a utility line through horizontal directional drilling intersects an existing pipe. In the case of gas lines, this can create leaks that may result in explosions during routine sewer cleaning. Protecting utility crews as well as the general public means natural gas, fiber optic and telecommunications providers must make cross bore prevention a priority. Fortunately, Pro-Pipe provides a comprehensive cross bore program for utility owners to eliminate the risks presented by new or replacement utility lines that are horizontally drilled through existing wastewater infrastructure.

Any trenchless replacement project presents a risk. Conflicts can exist between both mains and service connections for crossing lines. Older cross bore prevention efforts and poor record-keeping techniques have created a significant, national concern over public safety regarding utility lines installed using horizontal directional drilling methods that date back several decades.

This large-scale question over historic pipe safety has resulted in what the industry refers to as “legacy” projects. To prevent the risk of contributing to the legacy of unsafe horizontal directional drilling, a complete inspection and data record management process is necessary when undertaking current construction and utility installation projects.

Pro-Pipe Is Essential for Legacy Projects

Legacy projects are those that take place in the same location as previous infrastructure construction. Existing utility lines may have been installed before detailed records and schematics of wastewater infrastructure were produced, so there is a possibility that crews could unknowingly bore and install utility lines through those existing sewer pipes. This can lead to outages, property damage and injuries to crews or the public.  

Our legacy cross bore inspection services include locating existing sewer lines and laterals to keep them from being compromised by the current project that is performing any kind of boring or excavation. As a highly qualified and experienced storm drain and sewer pipe solutions company, Pro-Pipe has the skills and technology to provide expert assistance.

Why do our clients across major utilities trust Pro-Pipe as their sewer pipe solutions company when undertaking legacy projects? Pro-Pipe has created a unique and comprehensive approach to current construction efforts and legacy projects as a sewer pipe inspector. To provide the safety assurance that utility companies need, Pro-Pipe utilizes the latest robotic lateral launch systems to inspect sewer mains and services from the sewer manhole in the street. These systems provide a quick and thorough examination of the main, each connection and the service lateral up to the foundation of the structure. This technology makes our inspections easier and less intrusive for crews and property owners.

The Importance of Record Keeping

Record keeping is a fundamental element of a successful cross bore program no matter what type of utility lines you may be installing. Pro-Pipe provides a quality data management process by building a GIS-based time-stamped library of events as cross bore programs progress. This data management process includes the ability to track production, isolate inconclusive cross bore inspections for further review, and date-stamp final cleared locations.

Pro-Pipe utilizes cloud technologies to link inspection data (including videos and GPS observations) to GIS-based mapping systems, which results in a comprehensive, date-stamped library vetted by a highly experienced quality-control team. The client is capable to have full viewer access to the GIS mapping software via customer log-in provided by Pro-Pipe. Successful data management answers the questions of how and when, while allowing future generations to access quality data.

Municipal Systems and Private Property

Pro-Pipe’s extensive experience in municipal wastewater services enables us to gain permitted access to the municipal system. Our capabilities have helped numerous utility providers across multiple services perform their work safely and reduce risk of conflicts with existing infrastructure. Additionally, when unique circumstances require access to private property, Pro-Pipe operates a dispatch center 24/7 that coordinates all field activity. Utilizing a GPS/GIS-based approach to real-time project tracking with a cloud-based data management system, the high level of integrity of Pro-Pipe’s storm drain and sewer pipe inspections ensures user-friendly access to national grid inspection data for the next generation.

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