GIS Pipeline Mapping Services

A Vital Part of Every Inspection or Maintenance Project


Do you have millions of feet of video to review? Do you have thousands of reports, observations and critical assets to prioritize for rehabilitation? Seamless data integration into our powerful pipeline GIS software eliminates thousands of hours spent sorting, reviewing and prioritizing critical sewer and natural gas line GIS data. By easily and accurately locating underground facilities, we help utilities, engineers and municipalities coordinate their infrastructure maintenance programs.

GIS Integration Facilitates Decision Making

Pro-Pipe’s GIS integration services collate both high-definition scans and conventional closed-circuit television (CCTV) recorded observations directly to your pipeline mapping software, enabling you to select the geographic observation layer you want to view and to query quantities for instant decision making.

We routinely integrate the accurate locations of connections, observations, defects and pipe ratings into a pipeline GIS database during inspection and can deliver the data via shape files or geo-databases. Pipeline GIS data can include pipe slopes, invert elevations and any other specified information, saving you potentially thousands of hours of work.

Pro-Pipe Possesses Expertise and Experience

Pro-Pipe has one of the most expansive experience in the industry when it comes to GIS pipeline and utilities mapping. Our pipeline mapping services provide clients with cost savings, better decision making, improved record keeping and effective solutions.

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