UV Pipe Lining

UV-Cured CIPP Lining Repair

UV Pipe Lining Is a Better Solution

The UV Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining process creates a stronger, longer-lasting pipe than can be achieved using steam or water curing with felt, resin-impregnated liners. This advanced technique utilizes fiberglass-reinforced, UV light-cured CIPP liners that are pulled in place to create an extremely durable “pipe-within-a-pipe.”

UV-Cure Spot Repair

Pro-Pipe provides state-of-the-art UV-cured CIPP services for main and lateral pipelines using the Cosmic system. This system comes complete with ultraviolet (UV)-cured, factory-impregnated fiberglass resin laminates and forms a complete circumferential lining within a seven-minute cure time. The system’s innovative technology and superior materials ensure high-quality, long-lasting CIPP trenchless point repairs.

The Cosmic system rehabilitates pipes of any material ranging in diameter from 6” to 36”. Pipes are cured in minutes and the result is a wall stronger than mandated for industry-standard felt CIPP liners. This solution is excellent for cracks, root intrusion, separated joints, infiltration/exfiltration, corrosion, mis-cut lateral connections and other problems.

Benefits of Our UV-Cured CIPP Lining Repair

  • Seven-minute UV CIPP lining
  • Install in live flow conditions (under most circumstances)
  • No mixing of resin in the field (factory wet-out and delivered enclosed in a gel state)
  • Epoxy paste can be applied at the ends for an adhesive seal
  • Resin is reactive only to UV light; no premature set-off as with ambient cure systems
  • Glass reinforcing increases structural strength, mitigates shrinkage and allows for a thin wall
  • The thin wall permits future rehabilitation of the remaining pipe segment
  • Fully structural repair designed to be a 50-year solution
  • Tapered edge is bonded to the host wall
  • Fraction of full-length lining cost or excavation cost
  • Extensive performance history (12+ years in the U.S. and worldwide)

About the UV Cure System’s Materials

The liner material is an E-glass, corrosion-resistant (ECR) fiberglass mat pre-impregnated with either Palatal P-92 Polyester light reactive resin or Atlac E-Nova RE 3475 Vinyl Ester light reactive resin. The wet-out procedure is performed at the manufacturer’s plant in Austria (under controlled conditions). During this procedure, partial curing occurs. The partial curing transforms the resin into a gel state for safe handling and transportation; no hardeners are required for on-site field mixing.

The resin and glass laminate configuration eliminates any need for inner and outer coatings. The manufacturer provides a specially designed A+B epoxy for application over the outside of the resin at the laminate ends to create an adhesive seal between the repair and the host pipe. The material is available in a variety of wall thicknesses, and can be overlapped for extended lengths (typical repair is 4 feet long).

Resin does not usually have adhesive properties. To ensure a watertight seal between the sectional liner and the host pipeline wall, a manufacturer-supplied A+B epoxy system is incorporated into the repair procedure. When the glass laminate (in gel state) is wrapped on the bladder, the A+B epoxy paste is mixed on a flat surface and applied toward the laminate ends.

The applicator (silicone bladder) extends beyond the laminate edge, thereby creating a beveled edge against the host wall, compressing the epoxy between the host wall and resin laminate. The result is a sealed, smooth transition to the sectional liner.

UV-Cure Lateral Seals (Top Hats)

The Cosmic Top Hat™ provides a seal between the main pipeline and a lateral connection. The resin-impregnated, fiberglass laminate is shaped to fit within a lateral service connection and wrap around the main pipeline, sealing the connection (including a 360-degree wrap). Epoxy is utilized in addition to the resin to provide an adhesive, watertight seal.

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