CCTV Lateral Launch

For Lateral and Mainline Pipe Inspection

CCTV Lateral Launch for Effective Inspections

A lateral launch inspection allows for a closed-circuit television (CCTV) assessment of all types of pipes, including mainline and lateral pipelines, and is ideal for pipelines that are too small for human entry. During the process, every inch of the pipeline — from the mainline through the length of a lateral off the mainline — is inspected for dangerous gas line cross bores, pipe defects and structural issues.

Specifically, lateral launches are instrumental for inspecting sewer service laterals where directional drilling is scheduled for the installation of crossing utility lines, and where past drilled utilities (gas or telecommunication) may have penetrated the lateral.

CCTV Lateral Launch System Equipment

Pro-Pipe owns and operates its equipment — including the largest, most advanced fleet of CCTV lateral launch systems. Inspections begin by launching a camera from the robotic transporter within the mainline and up the lateral, extending up to 100 feet. The launching camera has a transmitter that can be tracked on the surface via a sonde, enabling the location and depth of a lateral line to be marked on the surface.

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