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Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a well-established trenchless method that is widely used for the replacement of existing and deteriorated pipe with a new pipe of same or larger diameter. Pipe bursting is especially cost effective if the existing pipe is out of capacity. This method can be used advantageously to reduce damage to pavements and disruptions to traffic, reducing the social costs associated with pipeline installations.

There are two basic pipe bursting methods: Pneumatic and Static/Hydraulic. In the pneumatic method, the bursting tool is a soil displacement hammer driven by compressed air and operated at a rate of 180 to 580 blows/minute. In the static pull method, no hammering action is used, as a large pull force is applied to the cone-shaped expansion head through a pulling rod assembly or cable (winch) inserted through the existing pipe. Whichever method is used, Pipe bursting is an excellent choice when an increase to an existing pipe diameter is required, while minimizing disruption to roads, buildings and parking lots.


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