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Lining – CIPP Mainline

Pro-Pipe provides pipeline rehabilitation services utilizing cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP), a technique (pipe-in-pipe relining) for the trenchless rehabilitation of municipal and industrial wastewater and stormwater pipelines. A flexible liner is impregnated with the two-component resin system and placed inside of the deteriorated pipe through existing manholes or access points. A new pipe is formed as the liner is cured within the host pipe. The impregnated liner is inverted by means of hydrostatic water column and cured by circulation of hot water, or inverted by means of air pressure and cured by controlled steam. The system assumes all functions of the host pipe depending on the design of the liner. The pipe-in-pipe solution is solely sustainable and may bear all external loads without the support of the host pipe (a complete, structural solution).


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