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Panoramo Manholes

The IBAK Panoramo SI enables Pro-Pipe to perform complete optical condition assessment of manholes with high efficiency. Pro-Pipe uses MACP certified personnel for all manhole inspections to ensure standards are met. Features and Benefits of the IBAK Panoramo SI include:

  • Use of two high resolution digital cameras with “distortion-free wide-angle lenses”
  • Ability to optically scan the entire interior of a manhole in one vertical step, which only takes a few seconds
  • Visual data of the manhole inspection is transmitted digitally to a TV truck for live viewing by the operator; the data can also be transferred to digital media for future use
  • IBAK Panoramo SI software provides 360° pan, zoom and tilt optical inspection of any section within the manhole for analysis
  • Advanced software for manhole inner surface and structural assessment including exporting data point clouds to Autocad
  • At completion of Panoramo SI Manhole Inspection, client will receive “Panoramo SI film files” or may opt for data loaded onto an external hard drive

The Panoramo SI has the ability to scan a manhole within a 20 second period, capturing 100% of the entire manhole cavity for review in a virtual 3D reader, which can be utilized in flat-view for measuring inverts, defects, etc. and can be exported as a point cloud to Autocad.


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