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Laser/LIDAR Profiling


Pro-Pipe provides LASER inspection services using a stand-alone, snap-on tools in conjunction with a Scanning or CCTV survey system to collect survey data and create pipeline reports, including fault measurements and internal pipeline features. The Laser Profiler measures pipe size, laterals, water levels and other features. The Laser Profiler performs automatic analysis of pipe ovality and capacity which enables the contractor, municipality, or engineer to determine internal pipeline conditions before, during, or after rehabilitation and is capable of use within 6″ to 120″ pipe diameters.


Pro-Pipe has teamed with Cues technology developers to provide pipeline LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) inspection services which is a laser technology for analyzing the shape and condition of a pipeline. Pro-Pipe owns and operates Cues DUC-Ready technology enabling the ability to plug various Cues inspection modules supplied by Cues for inspection. The modules and data are sent back to Cues headquarters for processing. There are two (2) primary modules utilized: 2D lidar (SolidFX) providing cross sections while traveling through the pipeline and 3D spinning lidar (FX3D) which scans and models the pipeline in stationary intervals from a robotic tractor. Both are equipped with a high-definition CCTV camera, and both are capable of integrating Sonar (multi-sensor system).


The 2D SolidFX is mounted to the top of a floating platform with a sonar unit mounted below which cross sections the pipeline as it floats through the pipe. The upper module scans the host pipe crown for comparison to the original diameter resulting in wall loss data. The sonar enables the evaluation of debris volumes and major anomalies depicted by shape. Included on the platform is a high-definition camera. A comprehensive viewer and report is provided overlaying the sonar, lidar and visual results. The lidar can offer, in addition to wall loss determination, the pipeline’s ovality and capacity analysis. Pipe diameter limitation: 36” and greater. Maximum run length: 2000LF standard, 5400LF extended.

Pro-Pipe Lidar


The FX3D system is a 3D spinning lidar which models the pipeline in an accurate, 3D environment enabling bend analysis, XYZ coordinating throughout the pipe (capturing manhole cavities which can be tied to grid). The 3D inspection is performed by robotic tractor. The lidar module, attached to a Cues Mud master, which is stopped at 5-foot intervals to perform a 360-degree scan. A high definition camera is utilized in conjunction with the scan. In addition to providing bend-geometry modelling (AutoCad), the data can be used for virtual-mandrels, alignment geo-positioning, diameter/ovality and wall loss due to corrosion. The 3D lidar inspection tractor requires clean pipe and low flow conditions (minimum below spring line for bend geometry). Pipe diameter limitation: 24” and greater. Maximum run length: 2000 LF


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