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Lateral Launch

Whether performing pre and post construction inspection services for a utility line install or performing inspections associated with a Legacy project, it is essential to commence the inspection from the bottom up. Pro-Pipe enables this approach by introducing a robotic device into the wastewater mainline via an access manhole, then travels the mainline to the lateral service connection and launches a camera up the lateral service from the mainline. Pro-Pipe is able to launch to the foundation of the structure ensuring the entire line is located and clear from potentially penetrating utilities. Launching also allows for the observation and launching of branch lateral connections within the service line. Pro-Pipe’s lateral launchers have pan and tilt capability enabling a thorough inspection and increasing the ability to navigate bends and connections. The lateral launcher has a transmitter allowing the launched camera head to be located on the surface.

Lateral launching enables a quick and effective approach to preventing and/or identifying cross bore conflicts and does not require the access into the property’s yard or structure. Multiple laterals can be efficiently launched from the mainline improving the production and reducing the disruption to the public.

The most important element of lateral launching form the main is that it ensures all connections have been located and examined. Often, there are more connections to a mainline than what is evident by surface features such as number of homes, cleanouts, lots, etc. Lateral launching improves public safety!


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