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Pro-Pipe’s Goal: An injury-free workplace

Pro-Pipe is driven by a strong safety culture that encourages well-planned processes, safety policies and programs to comply with State, Federal and OSHA requirements. Pro-Pipe’s processes include certified personnel training, developing job safety analysis, driver training and fleet management programs, OSHA 10-Hour and 40-Hour Federal and Cal/OSHA construction training, and creating and developing safety programs required for Pro-Pipe to establish a safe working environment for employees, the public, and all entities where work is performed.

The company takes safety very seriously, holding quarterly, monthly and daily safety meetings. The quarterly meetings are held at the executive leadership level reviewing trends, incident claims, incident cause/prevention and what can be implemented from a policy and procedural process to further improve the safety culture. Senior managers (who comprise our corporate safety committee) meet monthly for planning and implementation of initiatives uncovered during the executive meetings. Each branch provides monthly and daily safety meetings, giving you the confidence you need.


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