COVID-19 Update: Pro-Pipe is ready and on alert to provide supplemental pipeline cleaning services to understaffed cities and sanitary districts affected by increased SSOs caused by improper flushing.
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Pipeline Cleaning

For Municipalities and Sanitary Districts Affected by COVID-19 Lockdowns


COVID-19 is causing city and state sanitary services to become understaffed due to nationwide lockdowns. These lockdowns and other restrictive measures are also contributing to an increase of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) caused by flushing wipes and paper towels down toilets.

These SSOs can become hazardous by leaking into storm drains, catch basins, and storm drain manholes that could impact potable water sources potentially creating reporting situations to state and federal regulatory boards. This becomes a public health concern during a time when keeping cities sanitary is the highest priority across the nation.

We have seen multiple cases of this as it has already become an issue across the country. Pro-Pipe is standing by ready to act for all our existing and new customers during these uncertain times.


Pro-Pipe owns and manages a fleet with the latest Hydro-Vac system technology, capable of operating around the clock. As a division of Hoffman Southwest Corp., Pro-Pipe offers a 24-hour/7-day a week, on-call dispatch service, allowing us to respond in the event of a system emergency.

Pro-Pipe provides pipeline cleaning solutions for pipelines of any diameter. We assess the pipeline upon arrival and, based on quantity of debris and the condition of the pipe, we determine the best type of equipment for the job. Our cleaning crews specialize in providing pipeline cleaning services that exceed customer expectations.

After evaluating the condition of your pipes, the Pro-Pipe cleaning professionals decide which of the following processes is best for your infrastructure and needs.

Jetting: This high-pressure pipe cleaning technique blasts water through to eliminate the buildup, scale and blockages that have accumulated over time

Mechanical: Pushing or pulling a special device through the pipeline to scrape even the hardest deposits from the pipe’s interior wall

Pro-Pipe’s message to you: Do not flush sanitary wipes, paper towels and other non-toilet paper material – even if the product says “flushable”. This can lead to severe damage to pipeline infrastructure and cause surcharges.

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